Here we go again!!

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Well I knew that I was feeling stiffer over the past two weeks and I put it down to being back at work. I'm a Primary 1 class teacher and low chairs, tables etc are par for the course. There was also the nip in the air too but I still wasn't too bad. Well today I feel like I'm back where I started, so stiff and sore I had trouble getting up out of bed, couldn't lie in beyond 7.00 am and had an almighty struggle getting my socks on - Ouch! Thought a spot of yoga might do the trick and it has helped a bit but I headed straight for the diclofenac for breakfast, still waiting for them to kick in. Aaaaagh! Not a happy bunny at all!

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    Hi Babette

    Have you been assessed at work to see what can be done to make things more comfortable for you? An OH specialist can get equipment or extra support for you when you need it.

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    No I haven't had an assessment. Could do with a more ergonomic chair with good lumbar support. Think I might move up the school next year, higher desks and chairs. Love wee ones though! Oh well.

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    Hi, you can get an assessment if you ask the social services, they will get you in touch with an OT who will even see if there is anything you need at home.

    The other thought is that the school, under the Disability Discrimination Act, should make reasonable adjustments to help you in your job. it could be worth talking to the school about your need for a proper chair, hope this helps love Jaspercatxx
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    You are entitled to be assessed at work. Your employer should be able to tell you who to contact. It's difficult being a teacher as often you have to sit or stand for long periods which is not good for an arthritis sufferer. Is there anyway you could get the children to come to you? You may need to adapt your way of teaching so that you can fit in frequent rests. Speak to your GP about meds too.

    I used to feel like you did. Some mornings the sheer effort of preparing for work was exhausting. I had to give up work in the end. I was literally dragging myself to work and it was a struggle driving and doing my job (I was a librarian) so I was always on my feet; bending lifting; helping others etc. I was lucky I had a supportive husband. I tried to continue but in the end working full time left me fatigued and in constant pain. I was exhausted from just trying to get through the day at work and keeping on top of the administrative side of work was proving hard. It was my hubby who told me to quit completely - after a year of struggling at work I realised I was not doing myself any favours.

    I hope you find a solution to work and your condition.

    In the meantime take care.
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    Hi Babette,
    Sorry you aren't so good at the moment. I'm also a primary teacher and have qualified for equipment through Access to Work. I asked for an occ. health appointment and they suggested it, but I think you can self refer. I've got chairs, a desk and ICT equipment. I am very fortunate to have a supportive headteacher, I know, the school does have to part fund, but you are entitled under the DDA. Good luck, regards, Josie :wink: