Steroid injection

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Hi everyone

I just wondered if anyone has any advice on steroid injections. I've been off all my medication for RA for nearly a month due to other health problems. Thursday I went to the hospital where I was given a steroid injection, well I feel worse than ever. I have flared up in my feet,knees,crook of my arm,neck and at the mo the pain is so bad in my shoulders. I've got one of those wheaty bags for heat but feel as if I need a wheaty body bag as I don't know which part of me needs it most as I ache and am stiff all over. I was so looking forward to today as my daughter goes back to uni soon and we had planned this a while ago to go shopping, have a nice meal and go to the cinema. I think I'll be spending best part of the day in bed and watching a dvd on my tv.

Any advice please about steroid injections?

Big hugs to you all and take care

xxxxx :wink:


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    sorry your not feeling good
    my first steriod injection took about a week for it to work and then it was really good for 2wks then started to wear off slowly.
    i had another one about 2mths ago and it didnt work at all :(
    everyone is different.
    maybe you and your daughter could just do one thing rather than all 3, if you feel up to it. if not how about take away and DVD at home. :D
    hope you feel better soon
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    Hi there,

    I have had them on and off for years, some work great,some not so good, some like that the last one didn't. It must depend on how much inflammation there is in your body.

    Sorry that your day got ruined, it's not fair is it? Hope that you managed to watch a dvd and have takeout instead.

    Janie :)