Tired out today

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Hi, after a busy day getting Malcolms dads house ready for his dicharge on friday, I find myself utterly exhausted on saturday, although I slept very well, I am shattered today, I am planning for a really lazy day today, apart from a little washing, in fact I know I will go back to bed later this afternoon.

I had an incident in the night which now I can laugh at but at the time I was hopping mad, I keep a glass of mineral water by my bed, I went to fill it up at around 3.30am and poured water all over my bedside cabinet :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:, what an idiot love Jaspercatxx


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    Oh what a BnnnnnR. Just the very time you really don't want to do something like that. My husband ALWAYS says when I do something like that 'What did you do that for????) Its a wonder hes still alive.....

    Seriously I hope things work out for you. You've had a tough time, I know and its a difficult path you'r on, so I'll think of you. Sending all good wishes, Love Suexxxxxxxxx
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    Hope the rest you get today, recharges you. It is good to take 'me' time when going through a stressful situation. Enjoy yourself!!

    Take care

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    Hi Kat I hope you are not so tired today and you got some much needed sleep knocking over and spilling water at night sounds just like me
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    after my adventure on the train down to Peterbourgh last weekend and then i drove myself down to Selby nrth yorks on wednesday as my mam had had a fall earlier in the week
    I came home Thursday afternoon,

    I hit the wall with a great big bang this morning. I went to look at a bungalow last night and got abit over excited about it only for my oh point out that if I should ever need to use a wheel chair I wouldn't get it through the passage. that was not what I wanted to hear.
    i feel abit better now after being ordered to bed at lunch time, probably because Jonjo didn,t want any more tears springing over the slightest thing.
    for being a naughty girl this week I,m grounded till tuesday.
    (he thinks)
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    Hope you get some much needed rest and that it gives you a little strength to cope with everything that's happening.
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    Hi, thanks everyone I have slept again this afternoon for a couple of hours, still terribly tried, so an early night for me I think, did manage a bit of washing, Malcolm washed up for me this morning, he is just so helpful and understanding love Jaspercatxx