Sorry, but I really need to moan!!!!!

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Hi, sorry, but I've got to get this out on here! What fresh hell is this??! :shock: My hip is killing me-this insistent, gnawing pain that is making walking even slower and more painful than ever. Have hobbled around town this morning and am now sat on settee with a wheatbag on it waiting until I can take some more paracetamol! I asked the pharmacist if I could use an anti-inflammatory gell as well as diclofenac and she looked at me in horror and said no, diclofenac's really strong! It's not touching the pain! Please tell me I haven't started with my hip as well-have enough probs on that side with my foot! I haven't been to the doctor's yet-I think I know what I'm going to get told and don't want to hear it! Will have to go-can't be doing with this. Am back at school next week after summer hols as well! Sorry to go on, but owwww!! :shock: :shock:


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    poor u my hip started last week could have cried as hands and feet up till then and could cope with that the thought of hip well just to much not at doc till 8th could have seen different doc but not in a hurry to be told what i already know. so i hope it was just u over did it and it settles down for u fingers crossed and good luck also a (((((big hug)))))
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    Sorry to hear that you are feeling so rough. Have a very warm soak in the bath; put on something really comfy (the first thing I remove is my bra!) like your pyjamas or a track suit. Have a cup of tea. If it still hurts put some deep heat on or a heat pad. Get someone else to worry about the meal or have something delivered. Prop yourself up on the settee and watch a film.

    Go and see your GP it sounds as if you need some different meds.

    Take care honey.

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    Hello Josiec

    I really feel for you. Perhaps you have been over doing it. You say your foot is bad. If that is so then you may have walked to stop it hurting, but have strained your hip in doing so. I think this is what is happening to me.

    I am imagining all sorts of things happening to me after a lot of activity especially my hips. Having the proper supports for walking helps. I have been wearing light sandals for walking this summer instead of my built up shoes and insoles, but how can you this weather? Now I am suffering myself too.

    Like Sharmain says, have a good hot bath, as hot as you can bare it soak with bath oil and then put on a bath robe or plenty of towells to dry. Saves the effort of using energy rubbing yourself dry which can hurt everything. Either sit up in comfy clothes or go to bed with your heat pads.

    Hope you feel better tomorrow.

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    Sorry to hear your hip is bad at the moment. Whatever the reason, whether you've overdone it or its the start of something bad you need to rest it. There's good advice given here r.e. hot bath/heat packs or hot water bottle might help too. I've never found Diclofenic any good at all, it may be time for you to get your meds looked at and changed. You can buy fairly strong analgesia in the chemist which might help until you see your GP for some. Hope you take it easy and feel a bit better this evening.
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    Hi, I hope that you are feeling a little better, I agree that you should see a gp and maybe change medication, get them to come to you if necessary, hope that you manage to get some sleep tonight and have been relaxing today love Jaspercatxx
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    Hi so sorry to hear you are in such pain at the moment hang in there lots of hugs
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    Hi Josie,

    I can only echo what everyone has said and hope that you will feel much better tomorrow. Luv Cris x
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    Many thanks to you all for your replies - so kind. I've been round to mum and dad's for tea (was already arranged anyway) and am sat with a brew before going to bed. Am going to have to go to docs next week I think-have just been putting it off in the hope it would go away, but I can't stand this. Wouldn' t be so worried if it didn't keep clunking out as well. Think need meds changing-trouble is I have to be very careful with codeine, although it works for me and anything like tramadol just makes me a danger on road!! :shock: I reckon it's just another reason why my foot needs fusing-I walk on the side of my foot to protect my toe. :mrgreen: Hugs to all!!! :wink:
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    Hi Josie

    Sorry to hear about your pain, but don't assume the worst. If you are walking awkwardly because of your foot, it could be that you are putting strain on your hip joint. It could be bursitis ( inflammation of the joint ) I have had this several times, caused by limping because of OA in my knee. The last time I had it, the pain was very severe, just as you describe. A steroid injection didn't work, so I was referred to a physio who gave me acupuncture and ultrasound treatment. This worked well, but I still get twinges if I overdo things.

    I hope you will get some better pain relief soon.

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    Hi Josie,

    Don'tworry, I wouldn't say you were moaning, just doing what we all do at times having a little vent. It feels so much better to get things off your chest, especially to people who have been there and understand. I don't think even with the most supportive people, like my husband for instance they actually fully get what your feeling.

    Hope you take care of yourself and speak to the Dr. I kept going back when the drugs were not working and eventually got a drug that finally did something. When i went to the pain clinic they increased it and ever since the most bothersome symptoms have gone.

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    Hi, hope you are all staying dry out of the rain! :shock: Have made an appointment at the dr's for Thursday night about the hip pain. First day back at work today after the summer hols-really must make sure I minimise going up and down stairs as much as poss: too big to be tripping round all day!! Will let you know how I get on: fingers crossed! (not literally of course :shock: ) Josie x