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well got the results of my xrays have got OA of the knees thought i had it in my shoulder but nothing showed up, doc sending me to physio not looking forward to that but it might help, still getting pains in my legs and feet and groins, am on naproxen what exactly is that supposed to do been taking it nearly a fortnight, but cant say i feel any different, get pains in my legs and feet and front of calfs when i am not doing anything is this normal, thanks for listening


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    I have OA in both knees (like yourself) lots of pain in right shoulder too. I take co-dydramol; diclofenac and amytriptiline. It takes awhile to sort meds out. If you are in pain go back to your GP. I started of with just diclofenac but the pain was so bad and I wasn't sleeping so I was put on co-dydramol and then amy's at night time.

    I was never offered a physio with my OA. What is the physio for your shoulder or your knees? I often get aching feet (especially if I do too much) and my calfs hurt - it's the sheer effort of getting about; getting up from seating positions etc.

    Long periods of inactivity - sitting or standing in one position is absolute hell for me. It has taken me a good year to realise that I simply have to set myself little jobs to do everyday rather than trying to do everything at once. I haven't been able to mow the lawn for over a year and what I can't do I get my husband to do. He's had to learn how to mow the lawn - I did it all our married life so it's been a shock to him! He's had to learn to do a lot of things since I've been like this.

    About 5 months ago I had to buy a walking stick. It has been a real aid to me. I can use it to get from a seating position and it helps when I go to the shops; getting in and out of the car etc.

    I'm not sure what the pain in your groin is as I've never experienced that at all. I find my back kills if I over do things. I've had to learn to listen to my body and not push it too much. I think the way I have to walk now puts pressure on my other joints.

    I hope this helps a little.

    Take care and I do hope you get some relief from the pain. Please go back to your GP.

    With regards
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    hi thanks for the reply,it is for my shoulder the physio and my knees had it a few years ago when knees wernt all that bad but went through a lot of pain after it, did ask did i need some stronger pain killers only taking paracetmal but said no,cant walk to far know legs feel very heavy, take care of yourself and thanks for the reply,
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    Hi Sandy123.
    I have oa in back hips and knee's and my leg's ache all the time even when i'm sitting down and they feel heavy and worn out.
    i take naproxen but it not working this time
    i have had a tkr 5 years ago but it did not stop my legs aching.
    all the best . joan xx
    take care
    joan xx
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    thank you hope the naproxen kick in soon at least i know that it is part of the problem know, thanks for your replys and take care
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    I had a THR two years ago and TKR one year ago like you I ache all over ankles knees hips back shoulders arms. It gets in all joints just trying to sort out some better meds. My neighbour came round the other day and said she had some davastating news she had been diagnosed with OA in her joints and it was a degenerative condition and she was most upset so her husband went out and booked a cruise to cheer her up !! Open your eyes girlie start listening to people when they say they have arthritis in most of their joints and can hardly move you have been living next door for 20years havn't you noticed the pain and discomfort I have been in??No I am not jealous I physically could not manage a cruise at this time if the arthritis gets better I would consider going(pie in the sky)The only holiday I will be having is a trip to the theatre to have my other hip done :roll:
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    Hi my OA is in my spine and sacral area but I echo what the others have posted. Although it's exhausting, the worst thing is being immobile too long. When mines starts in the morning, I have to move, I can't lie in bed even if it's 2am (which is why you might notice some funny posting times from me)

    Physio have given me excercises, very gentle ones to try and build up my muscles. I do them at night and it's always the night I forget that I suffer in the morning. Also if you are still in pain with your meds, go back to the Dr and try and get something that works. Don't suffer in silence.

    Take care