tmj surgery

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I have rheumatoid arthritis and I have been told that i need full open surgery for my tmj,s that means completely new joints. Has anyone had this surgery and what is the treatment for it afterwards


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    hi can not help just bumping this back to top
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    It does'nt sound very nice. What exactly does it mean. I've only been diagnosed with ra and oa since May so do not understand all these terms yet sorry.

    Does it mean you need your big joints all replaced eg hips knees etc.

    Do you know when you are having it done yet?

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    Hi Sue

    It is jaw surgery isn't it? Sorry I cannot help you with this - it does seems rather specialised. There is probably a forum(s) to help you with just the sort of question you are asking here. Maybe a good idea would be to google tmj forums or similar and something is sure to be there, if you do not find the help you require on here.

    I wish you well,

    Elna x
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