Erosion of Finger joints?

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any tips on coping with hand pain, splints for resting,for wrist-palm hand.
had xrays done at last appointment specialist feels i may now have joint erosion had inflammatory arthritis since late teens.possible also feet.
better not be i want to work again soon how does 1 cope with this news mentally not doing well with that .
can always be worse of course. :?


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    you will be a bit up and down and that is natural it is very scary to be told about arthritis but with right meds u can carry on a normal life so try not to get to down they will sort out your meds and then life will be much better
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    Hi Funkym
    Did you manage to talk about the fact that you want to get back to work?
    I bet you are upset, but there is a thread on here as another person is shortly having hand surgery so maybe that could be an option for you in future?
    The splints are probably helping with the pain, but you are obviously wanting it fixed if poss.
    Just wondering how long you have had this prob (sine your teens?) and what meds you are on?
    You sound like the kind of person who is determined so I reckon if all else fails you will work in a job without using your hands.
    Take care
    Toni x

    Toni xxx
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    Hi funkym

    I am sorry to hear about your hand pain. I have problems from time to time with my thumbs but not the whole hand. Soaking hands in hot water stops them feeling stiff. Are you on any anti inflams and painkillers? It is all a big shock at first when given a diagnosis but given time you will find things get easier. You also will not feel so alone with all this as you have joined us lot on here. We do try to help all we can and offer sympathy. Do you use a keyboard at work - if so your work place should see to it that you get all the gear you require to make it as easy as possible for you to carry out your tasks.

    Elna x
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    on methotrexate 15mg
    co codamol
    work would be from home professional bodywork therapist not been able re start 3 years now.
    whole hands ,feet ,shoulders affected,now knees.
    age 18 roughly all started now 38.
    had only nsaid and occasional steriod injections at start.
    went into full time work as care assistant 5 weeks after anitial attack .
    discharged from rheumatology consultant age 23.
    got symptoms re start self medication till 2007 changed gp got referred and here endif saga.
    just had mtx reduced side effects ,folic acid increased.

    oh no ddint even get chance to discuss work only that due to extreme fatigue unable to.

    thats part of reason they now testing me for Lupus.
    i shall look at hand surgery post thankyou. lv and best wishes to u all life is short try have fun create sepcial memories.