psorias or not

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Sorry if I've not spelled it right.

A friend phoned me and told me she has been diagnosed with this.
She said they looked in her hair and ears.

She has never had any skin problems. She has always had really nice skin.

Can you be diagnosed without having any signs?



  • helpline_team
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    Psoriasis is a fairly common skin condition where people get red flaky patches on their skin. It would be unusual to be diagnosed with a skin condition if there were no signs.
    However psoriatic arthritis can be diagnosed with very few skin symptoms. Your friend should check with her doctors if they saw patches in her ears or scalp and are they talking about the skin condition or the arthritis.
    Best wishes
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    I have scalp psoriasis. I noticed it one day when I started scratching my head and found an itchy lump. I used coal tar shampoo and something from the GP. My psoriasis was drug related. I only get it when I'm stressed. However I now seem to get mouth ulcers instead!
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    I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. Only areas where I get soreness and itching is the groin area and behind my ears.

    They go by sausage shaped fingers and toes and, of course, the scalp,mine was quite itchy and some forms of hair dye caused a lot of problems.