Newbie - Total Hip Replacment due to OA

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Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with OA a few months ago when my right hip kept collapsing on me. I have it in the joints of both hips apparently and probably been there since mid-puberty (news to me). Anyway, there was nothing for it but a total hip replacement and I am now in week 6 of recovery and doing well - although the learning to walk bit is tricky!

I would be interested to hear from anyone else within my age range (40-50) who has had the same thing or knows of someone who has. I'd like to know how other people manage with dietary supplements and exercise - I understand swimming is a good all round aid to keeping fit muscles and bones for now and the future.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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    Hi earthgirl,

    Welcome to the forum. Pleased to hear you are doing well post op. On the Living with Arthritis zone there are many in different stages of post hip ops. Please join us and ask all about dietary supplements, exercise, on there.

    Hope to see you posting soon,

    Elna x
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    hi and welcome to the site, it is very friendly and supportive. I don't have the same probs as you, but I know how painful and frustrating it can be. Someone will be along shortly with more advice or you could post in the living with arthritis forum.

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    Hello Earthgirl
    and welcome from me too!
    Sounds as though you are doing well after your hip replacement :) Well done and i hope you soon get back to normal (or better than normal!)
    There are loads of us in your age group so you will find loads of understanding company here.
    The other good thin is - it gives our families a rest from us!! We are always here to listen.
    As Elna says take a look at the other forums and see what they have to offer - LWA is advice, support etc, chit chat is for a laugh.
    Hope to see you around
    Take care
    Toni x