Why don't they listen to ME!!!!

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Having been thru months of pain, blood tests, x rays etc., my rheumy has now written to my GP requesting more tests as he thinks my problem may be gout! Apart from the fact that this is unusual in women - he seems to be basing his diagnosis on the fact that I have high uric acid levels in my blood. He does not seem to pay any attention to the fact, that my diabetes could cause this (I have already been diagnosed with early stage diabetic kidney disease and take ramipril for it) and have slightly high cholesterol - both of which I believe could cause high uric acid levels. He has not even discussed my other symptoms, like the fact that this did not come on suddenly but started with pins and needles in my wrist hand and arm and developed into intolerable pain that even diclofenac coupled with high dose co-codomol did not even touch! Also that ice packs made it worse and only heat therapy was any help (ie almost wearing a hot water bottle all the time) It was only once he had given me a steroid injection that I have experience any relief or improved mobility in my wrist joint, although it is still painful when not wearing my splint. Also he has not taken into consideration the fact that my joint is still fairly stiff and painful for at least an hour in the morning or after rest. Also my x ray shows some erosion to the joint. To my mind this points to it being some other form of arthritis other than gout but how do I get him to listen and get a proper diagnosis. With one thing and another I am already being treated for depression and am rapidly reaching the stage where I don't see the point in anything anymore. Please advise what I can do.


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    how did your gp react to the request / possible diagnoses?
    i would be requesting a 2nd opinion with a totally different rheumy, would that be possible?
    i know my diagnoses took a long time, about 6months i think, but i know my gp knew what it was from the start so insisted that was what the rheumy should look for.
    good luck and sorry i can't help more.
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    It sounds as though you are having a very frustrating time. Do you go to your appt on your own? Soemtimes having someone with you will help. The rheumy may be trying to rule out other things before giving you a firm diagnosis. A second opinion may be worth a shot.

    Keep strong and don't give up!

    Deb x
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    Hello Topcatt
    I'm sorry to hear you've been left in this situation. It is so frustrating to feel doctors have made up their mind and are looking at test results rather than looking at you as a person.
    It sounds as if you've been through a lot in the past few months so you must have strengths and skills for coping. Use these now to help you through this bad time.
    If you have a good relationship with your GP, perhaps he is the person to talk to about your concerns. Whichever doctor you talk to, think about what you want to say and ask, what you want him to do for you. Maybe write it all down and rehearse it so you feel confident when you go to the appointment that you will express yourself well. Stay calm and repeat your question if necessary.
    If you really do feel that you cannot get on with this rheumy,it might be that, as suzster suggests, a second opinion would be a good option.
    If you want to talk things through with us please do ring us on the freephone number.
    Best wishes