fibromyalgia in children

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My grandson has been suffering painfull joint and muscle pain for 6 years now.
He was recently given an x ray to try to find a solution to his problem, but it came back normal.
Both myself and my daughter have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and i was wondering if it was possible that he might also be suffering with it.
He is now thirteen years old, and has been suffering the same symptoms since he was about seven.


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    Sorry no one has been able to help with your post and I'm afraid I can't offer any help either but if you post this on Chat to our Helpline Team I'm sure they will be able to help.

    Vonski x
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    Hi Babcath

    Welcome to the forum. I too do not have any advice for you really but it must be distressing for you to see your grandson suffering similiar symptoms to yourselves.

    It is a good idea of Vonski's to ring or leave a message on the helpline zone.

    I wonder also if you could possibly put your ideas to your grandson's gp. We see our children and grandchildren so much and notice things that doctors would perhaps not immediately see. I knew that my daughter, when she was tiny had a lazy eye, and no one believed me, but I kept on and on until a health visitor actually witnessed it herself. Something was done about it then.

    I wish you all well,

    Elna x
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