Arghhh - other ssp/benefit and occ health

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Arghhhhh - I've just spent the last 4 hours on the phone to all the different departments I needed to talk to because I have been off work 6 months now and my ssp stops at the end of this month.

1st call - to my work to talk to business manager - spent a while laughing about the occ health saying I would be as good as cured in 6-9 months to go back to my very physical job as a special needs nursery nurse (not according to my consultant, rheumi nurse, dr etc) and as i'm covered by the DDA my work would just have to make the adjustments needed and any job is better than no job in this current climate - work is sending me for a 2nd opinion.

2nd call - Human Resources to see what I have to do with my sick pay stopping on the 25th of this month (went to 1/2 pay on 27 Aug) - told to phone job centre

3rd call - jobcentre plus - a lengthy call doing a phone application for ESA - lucky I had all the info needed to hand - told me that it would affect my working tax credit so to give them a phone.

4th call - tax credit dept - seems that since my body has not been physically at work for 28 weeks I am not entitled to working tax credit anymore so it is stopping on the 23rd - asked if I had claimed other benefits and to tell them that it was stopping if I had.

5th call - back to jobcentre plus to ammend my income due to working tax credits stopping before the ESA starts on the 26th

6th call - union to ask for some advice re work options

7th call - teary sobbing phone call to hubby who thought something serious was wrong and got all annoyed at me for getting upset over money - result - more tears and sobbing from me.

Got up quite happy and perky this morning and it's been downhill from there - I've never had to claim benefits (other than working tax allowance) and it seems that if you dont know the system better than the person you are talking to you are entitled to nothing - I was even asked how long would my disability last.......I answered "er - I think forever unless there is a miraculous cure in the coming years"
I wish I could go back to work and be like I used to be but I am getting to grips with that not happening - it's just so hard to be battling at all fronts just now - I try not to feel sorry for myself and get on with things the best I can but this beurocracy (sorry - I know thats the wrong spelling) is emotionally wearing - I know I have to wade through it but...........arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
On a day like today I HATE HAVING RA!!!!! there - i've said it out loud for the first time
Hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are - from a sunny but windy Edinburgh
love and (((hugs)))


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    hi eileenc ,yer right its a minefield out there in benefits land,or should that be no benefits land ,if I have to stay off another few months i wont get anything off the bu**ers , ,I am seriously thinking of having a major spending spree and then saying oh let the goverment keep me,I won't though to stupid for me own good.
    anyway you have a nice day in glorius scotland
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    Hello Eileen
    It's so hard to sort all these things out when you are also so worn down with not being able to work, the pain all day every day & not knowing anything about the system isn't it? I spent a week agonising & crying on the phone too. In the middle of it all our phone line went down too! AGHHH!
    I am absolutely sure you are entitled to ESA & your 1/2 pay at same time so try not to worry. Easier said than done - just wanted to say hi and let you know I am also "going slightly mad!" at the other end of the country too!
    love Pennie X
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    Hi Eileen, re the Tax Credit part. Yes, sadly that is true. After 28 weeks you are no longer classed as being in 'renumerative employment' and as such are then not entitled to the Working Tax Credit. However, when that stops you are entitled to a 4 week run on which is paid in a lump sum by GIRO. Best to check with tax credits when you officially stop that they send the referral to HO advising them of your run on. It means you get a 4 week lump sum payment, it usually takes a couple of weeks to come through. Hope that helps.
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    hi Eileen, I know how hard your job is as I too worked as an STA in special school for 9 years. I gave up almost 2 years ago, as there was no "easy" work in the school, it all involves physical activities, and/or chasing and catching autistic children. Unless your union helps you it is really hard to explain to management how difficult it is to work in this type of job with RA. My management were not very sympathetic, and i was told i could not go part time as "we dont encourage part time, as its bad for continuity for the children" they then proceed to employ agency staff, as they can do a full week, although they dont know the children!!! I got fed up and left. I now childmind, which although it is physical, at least they are small!!! I hope you can get this sorted out, its ridiculous to suggest that after a while you will be "back to normal" Good luck :? :?
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    Thank you for all your replies - just a wee quick update - my business manager and headteacher have said that when (at some point in the future but definately not now) am forced to go back to work in my original position they would risk assess me against my contracted duties and refuse to let me in the building if it was deemed to be a risk to me or the children I work with. My union rep is coming to the house on Thurs and I will have a better idea of my options and what help they can give watch this space.