ESA claim turned down!!

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Well I applied for ESA a couple of weeks ago, and got the letter on Friday to say that I have not paid enough NI contributions!!

Well that is a bit strange as I have been in full time employment since 2006 and have been paid well I will say approx over £19k each year so that's not right is it??

I have found out my P60 for the tax years they are referring to and will send then recorded delivery tomorrow.
I think it is a ploy by the govt so that you will go back to work if thery say you won't get ESA.

It creates unneccessary stress for people this does and I will be complaining about it.

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    Hi Janie, it seems all of these departments work against us!!! how can you not have paid enough contributions??? They are obviously hoping you wont take it any further, and like you say, go back to work. Once they receive your P60 they will have to sort it out. Its disgusting that people have to go through this to get what is our right!!! Good luck keep us informed Jay :cry: