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Post subject: PSA Posted: 15 Sep 2009 18:50

HI all,
been a while since my last post and i am now taking 15mg methotrexate, which is working well. However, i have recently read up on my condition(psoriatic arthritis) which is very much the same as RA, and on many sites it states that we have shortened life expectancies as arthritis sufferers!
My intention isn't to scare monger so please don't take this message the wrong way, but does anyone know anything about this? Am i just being ignorant to what this disease can do? I'm 42 and have had PSA since the age of 28 and i so want to live a normal life as possible. Apologies in advance if i've worried anyone with this post. I suffer from anxiety as well and maybe i shouldn't keep researching! Take care all. Alison


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    Dear Alison,
    I'm glad that your arthritis is well controlled which is most important. It is true that there is statistical evidence out there about life expectancy and inflammatory arthritis. Our organisation does not get involved with these kind of statistics, as we are not rheumatologists or statisticians.

    On a common sense level the harm done to long term health is known to be the inflammatory process. What we are clear about is that treatments are controlling arthritis much better than previously. Hopefully that will be bourne out in the statistics in the fullness of time. I'm sure your rheumatologist and their team can reassure you about this.

    On an psychological level managing our fears goes better some days than others. Some thought processes may fall into the camp of 'unhelpful' and may be worth recognising as provoking anxiety.

    I'd want to be careful with a discussion thread that might catch other forum members on a bad day. So I'm hoping that what I've written won't be unhelpful.

    Uncertainty is the stuff of life, sometimes it can be extra tough, or sometimes it can be surprising and unexpected.

    Take care and all the best
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    Thank you Guy,
    the last thing i want is to worry or scare anyone and i do hope i haven't done this. I do have a problem with anxiety and take on board what you're saying about how this affects my day to day life. I shall absolutely stop googling the different questions i have about every little thing regarding my psa as it's proving to be detrimental to me. Thanks for your advice. Alison.x