scared and getting no where

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Hi everyone... Im new here today. what a grt site.
Well my prob is my knees are getting worse. walking is so painfull now and i tend to walk funny and then my lower back starts paining..

I go dizzy with the pain.. My g/p is good im now being refured to phyiso( if i spelt that right)
but i cant clain DLA, have tryed but because i can walk and cook... somedays better than others i not eligable.. Never mind i say. they dont think im not that bad yet!

Im now scared as if i can walk one day but suffer for the next 3 because i have walked... and my knees are now starting to give way some days when i stand( IS THIS RELATED TO MY ARTHRITIS? I DONT NO).
So confussed want to cry today. wish i new whats what and whats going to happen to me. :(


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    Hi Snowdrop
    Welcome to the forum. Glad you've found us and I hope you get lots of support from everyone.
    We don't know much about you yet, like what kind of arthritis you have but although exercise is good for arthritis you need to be careful you don't overdo it. You're being referred to a physio who will be the best source of advice on what and how much you should be doing.
    Arthritis has good days and bad days and this sounds like a bad day but you've done something positive and contacted us. Do something nice for yourself tonight and don't forget you can ring us on the freephone if you want to talk.
    Best wishes
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    Hi Snowdrop

    A big welcome to you. :D You will not feel so alone now that you have found us lot. :roll: :lol: I am a member of the forum and see that you have posted to the Helpline which is good, but please do join us on the Living with Arthritis and other zones too. You will get a good welcome there. We are all in the same boat on here to a lesser or greater degree and support and help each other the best we possibly can.

    With arthritis, knees can give way unfortunately. Which arthritis have you been diagnosed with? Is is Osteo Arthritis (wear and tear), Rheumatoid Arthritis or one of the many others? Walking is painful with dodgy knees and the way you walk, can give you back pain and vice versa. I have oa in knees and a few other places to keep them company. :roll:

    I do hope you do not feel tearful for too long. We will cheer you up if you join us on the other forums, that is a promise. :)

    Elna x
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    Hi Snowdrop

    Welcome from me too. Have you ever tried knee supports, they might help, I use magnetic ones or the longer sports ones. When you can apply for DLA again never say you have good days and bad. The best thing to do is get help from CAB or DIAL, there are some questions that have to be answered a cetain way and they know how to do it.

    ps knees can give way with arthritis and often do. Your back will ache because you now have an abnormal gait. If you look at the living with forum there are posts about knees and back.

    Vonski x
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    If you feel your knees are deteriorating then claim again for DLA.( there is a time limit on how soon you can reclaim) or even appeal against the decision if still able.Take advice from a charity that helps with benefit claims, or the cab.The way you word the answers is crucial.You can walk but are in great discomfort.Choose to write about you at your worse,the bad days.You can get a booklet from the NRAS which is also helpful.
    Take care Tkachev(Elizabeth)
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    thk you all so much... xx