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My partner has RA. This is all new to me and I desperately need guidlines on what and what to do. She suffers from extreme fatigue and is on more tablets than you can shake a stick at. I want to do the right things but don't want her to feel that I am wrapping her up in cottonwool.

Help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Dear Union477

    I’m sure this is a very difficult time for you both. Fatigue is a very common aspect of RA and most chronic conditions. The best way you can help your partner is to maintain good communication with each other. By this I mean observe her non verbal cues regarding her needs as well her verbal ones. For example if she is resting in bed or wherever just let her know gently that you are there if she needs anything.

    It may also help you both if you understand what is happening to her physically as a result of the condition and the medication. Perhaps you have already read some literature on the subject but in case you haven’t we have some very good booklets which you may like to read. The ones you will find particularly helpful to start off with are called: Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Drugs and Complementary Therapies, Emotions and Arthritis. Please feel free to download them from this link: this link takes you to an article on fatigue which may help you understand how she is feeling.

    If you feel it would help talking things through with one of us about any particular issues you have please feel free to give us a call. Just remember good communication is the key to learning about each others needs. Hope this helps.

    Best Wishes