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Hi everyone

To cut a story short since the birth of my daughter 2 1/2 years ago I have had hip problems. In March 2009mI had a hip arthoscopy on my right hip and was diagnosed with FAI (hip impingment) which had caused a labral tear and osteoarthritis. The procedure was also undertaken on my right hip which had the same problem with the exception of no osteoarthritis.

My left hip is now ok(I don't like tempting fate) My right hip is worse than ever and I can't weight bare at all. In addition, it also gives me tremendous knee ache.

I had a hip manipulation and steriods under general a couple of weeks ago and it actually made it worse.

I'm going privately to see my consultant in a week I'm in so much pan.

p.s I'm 33


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    Hello and welcome, all I can is say is ouch! :cry:
    Hope the consultant can help with the pain. Don't feel alone there are lots of lovely people here who will be sending love and hugs. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. I haven't been here long but am already pestering everyone to death and they have made me feel so welcome.
    Chris :wink:
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    Hi Laura
    Welcome from me too :)
    Doesn't sound like you are having too much fun at the moment :(
    If it helps at all I saw the consultant privately for my back and paid for MRI but he did my op on the NHS because I have no health cover, so maybe you won't have to foot all of the bill.
    I really hope you get some answers very soon and in the meantime get out there on the forums and meet some of us lovely people! :wink:
    Take care
    Toni x