hiya everyone im new and not too sure what to write..

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im 24 and was diagnosed with arthritis at 17. this is the first time ive actually spoke about it, iv just pretty much got on with life so family and friends treat me as normal. :roll:


  • robertls
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    Hello and welcome Chrissie.......

    What do you say??...............Whatever you want.
    We're all in the same 'boat' here....to some degree or another.

    Nobody here bites (well not usually :wink: ).

    We'll listen....... if you want.

    Offer advice...... if you want.

    'Chat'..... if you want.

    Feel free to join us in whatever forum you feel comfortable in....

    Rob x
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    Hi Chrissie

    A big welcome to you. Brilliant to hear that you just get on with life and are treated as "normal". There are quite a few zones to call in to so take your pick or call into every one. We are all here for each other and support and help everyone as much as possible.

    Look after yourself,
    Elna x
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    hi chrissie and welcome!!
    yes we are a friendly bunch, everyone offers support, advice and some fun to, so join in when you're ready and i'm sure you'll 'settle' in quickly!
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    hello to everyone I really hope to make some nice friends who know what I'm going through
    along with severe OA that is now in most joints I also have spondelothesis a back problem and also SMA spinal muscular atrophy numbness and weakness in my arm leg and neck oh and a few other annoying problems like type 2 diabetes under active thyroid etc etc
    but I'm a happy person who my consultants think take my unhappy results with a shrug and say ah well, when in reality I'm thinking OMG
    I'm feeling rather down right now as i am going in for a hysterectomy on 22nd Oct and then a wrist op soon after probably a replacment joint, also been told my 16 x rays showed OA in my knees ankles elbows and hips and I will be needing knee and hip ops along with my wrist and toe joints , so now OA is in all my joints,
    But hey I've got you guys to chat to now , so a big hello !!! :D