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I'm Ruth. I live in Manchester and have had palindromic rheumatism for the past five years. I've learnt to live with it, though it can really interfere with my life. No painkillers seem to make an impact on my pain or flare ups. So far, I've tried plaquinel for a couple of years, but it didn't really make much of a difference so i came off it. I've recently tried sulfasalazine but I don't know if it helped and as it seemed to make me chronically fatigued all the time, i've just decided to stop to see if I get my energy back. What really seems to help me psychologically is yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice. I am now trying to meditate most days and find that although my pain levels are unaffected, my ability to cope is vastly better.

so that's me. hi to everyone out there....


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    Hi Ruth

    Welcome to the forum. I see you have posted a thread on the LWA zone but unfortunately I cannot give you any advice on that one. It is good to know that the meditation and yoga are helping you. We have to try to find some way, don't we, as the meds sometimes only do so much to help us.

    I find being positive, exercising and laughter keep me going most of the time. I also find being on the forum trying to help others, helps me too.

    Look forward to seeing your name around the different zones, more.

    Elna x
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    hi and welcome! you'll find us all a helpful and supportive lot, but we also like a laugh!
    look forward to seeing your posts!
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    Hi Ruth and welcome. Everybody is very nice on here. If your down they help and if you want a laugh you will see that yourself as well apart from that Welcome

    love trisher xx