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Hi there, I am on Prednislone, Thyroxin and Omeprazole and will be starting Sulfsalazine soon.
I keep being told by different people when I should take Omeprazole, should I take it with my Prednisolone which I take at 4.00 am in the morning so that I am able to get up and go to work?
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    Dear Pammi,

    Thanks for getting in touch with us here at Helplines. I was a bit confused by your message about which medication it's ok to take at 4am. As you mentioned you are due to start on sulpahzelazine soon I wonder if that's the drug you are asking about?

    But we are not the right people for this question - we'd suggest you go over this question with your rheumatology specialist nurse. We are not qualified to give information about times and doses of drugs I'm afraid.

    sorry about that.