Worried about arthritis

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I have had joint pain for over a year now. It started in my left knee and has spread to the middle finger on both hands, both wrists, big toe on both feet and both ankles and my left hip.

Most of these joints have started clicking whenever I move them after a period of inactivity and although the pain is not severe enough to prevent me from doing anything I am concerned as it is getting worse.

I have been to see my GP on numerous occasions and been refered to see a physio but they lose interest as soon as I tell them I go rock climbing. They say the pain is due to climbing and since it's not stopping me there is nothing to worry about.

The thing is it's getting progressively worse and I find it quite annoying that just because I am trying to work out what's going on BEFORE it it stops me from doing things they won't take me seriously.

It's like they will only be interested if i turn up on crutches, this is what i am trying to prevent!

Could this be arthritis I have had bloods taken and they came back negative


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    Hi stedmill

    You're right to be worried if you feel that you're joints are getting worse. My GP thought I was a hypochondriac before my xrays came back showing OA; I looked fit and healthy and did regular exercise so as far as he was concerned it couldn't be arthur. All my bloods came back negative and if you read the posts on the Living with Arthritis forum then you'll see that this is NOT unusual. Keep pressing your GP to refer you to a rheumy and push for xrays of the affected joints, it's your right to be given the treatment you request.

    Best of luck

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    Hi Stedmill,

    Thanks for your enquiry to Arthritis Care. I'm guessing you are a man and under the age of 65(?) with the noises that might indicate a bit of early osteoarthritis / joint pain.

    The thing is that if pain is not really a problem then there is little a GP would be able to do. Even getting Xray would probably not be advised at that kind of stage.

    From a self-management standpoint the physios have seen you and they don't seem to have been able to suggest much.

    Key self management is to avoid being over-weight and do plenty of gentle exercise. Your rock climbing may be a rather too aggressive activity for these joints, but you may be reluctant to change that unless you have to?

    I wonder whether you've seen our booklets?

    You always have the option of finding a physio who you find easier to get guidance from and see if they can give you support that you are able to make better use of.

    You'd be very welcome to ring us if you'd like.

    all the best