Shaving thread.Where did it go?

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Did you remove the shaving thread?if so,where did it go?
I answered it because I thought the person might be at uni and needed some input.If it was dodgy why wasnt it removed sooner?I thought long and hard about answering it incase....


  • helpline_team
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    I've checked with the webmanager and this topic was about a research based study for which no authorisation was given so it was removed by the moderator. The originator was sent a private message to say why it had been removed.
    Sorry if you have been looking for it.
    Best wishes
  • tkachev
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    Okay.It was on the forum for a while.I dont like to ignore people who might be trying to help us so I answered.I thought it wouldnt be on the forum if it wasnt authorised.
    In future I will post a message asking you if this is authorised?I will give it a day to see if it is removed(cos they might say yes anyway)and let the poster know too(incase they think we are a stroppy bunch!)
    Thanks for the reply.