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I am a bit aprehensive Ive been applying for work and getting shortlisted so i applied for a temp classroom assistant job but the sam e place phoned up and asked me to go for sessional lecturing work interview and Ive been offered two sessions after reference taken up so will have to seriously think about it how it will afffect my finances now but am looking around the place next wed anyone got any thoughts I have not worked in yonks attho this is part time still nervous


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    Wow - good for you, me dear. I'm sure you will enjoy lecturing once you get into the swing of things. Your best bet for finding out how it will affect your monies is to talk to the CAB - they will be able to do the calculations. Also, talk to the 'Access to Work' people at the Jobcentre, see what assistance they can offer with regard to your disabilities. They got me special seating when I started work. Also, ask the CAB if the Welfare to Work people would help you keep at least some of your monies until such time as you know where you stand. They might be able to arrange for the first few weeks to be on a trial basis, so that if it all goes pear shaped you don't have to reapply for all your benefits.

    Have you lectured before? If so, dig out your old notes, and refresh the little grey cells a bit. If not, talk to the college/university (you did not say which one it was), see if they keep records of what has been taught previously, and take a look at the kind of materials they have used in the past. Our university keeps what are known as the 'Quality boxes', a record of what has been taught and the exam questions that have been set, together with samples of student answers, which come in very handy when they ask you to teach a new module at a moments' notice! (I've scrabbled through there, many a time!!)

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    Hi Chrisov,

    Well done for going for this, I agree with AGYG and think a trial thing would be a good idea. Just wanted to wish you so much luck cus I think you will be very good at it. Cris x
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    Hi Chrisov

    Well done for being offered the job. It is only natural to feel nervous if you haven't worked for a while. I had a six-year gap from teaching when my children were babies, and I remember feeling very nervous when I went back. But I quickly discovered that it was a bit like riding a bike, and I hadn't forgotten anything in the gap.

    You've had some good advice from Bigmomma, so good luck with everything.

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    It is easy to be apprehensive after so long out of work.But they must have seen something in you to offer you that job and I feel you should give it a go.It sounds very exciting and part time work is going to be less stressful.Check out your finances but remember it could lead to better things and longer hours if you find you can cope and that you enjoy it.
    Take care Tkachev
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    I am so pleased for you, You must be really chuffed.
    If it was me I would take some 'proper' advice from a benefits expert such as CAB.
    It would be really good to be back out there working agin wouldn't it?
    Toni x
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    just to wish you good luck, i hope it goes well for you
    page :D
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    Just to wish you Goodluck :D

    And Congratulations to you. You should be very proud of yourself

    luv trisher x[/code]
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    well done you!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

    do seek advice on how best to sort things out - the trial period sounds like a great idea if you can get them to help with that.

    all the best
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    Just wanted to wish you all the best. What are you lecturing about I wonder? Hope it works out for you and you don't have to loose out.
    rita :)
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    Hi all I will be invloved in Functional Skills learning for people in the tourism and leisure industry at a local college and I will begin with two classes,one doing Func skills entry lervel in ICT and the other learners will be doing level 1maths its all about facilitating their logical learning these days rather then explaining how to do things so much so much so that will be different at least they will be willing to learn!!!!!!
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    Hello Noeltone
    Have not spoken to you for so long. I am really very thrilled for you and wish you all the luck in the world. You will be fine. It certainly sounds interesting.
    good luck