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Hi just wodering if you can tell me if it's normal to have enlarged lymph nodes in neck due to arthritis?
I'm currently on 15mg of methotrexate weekly (reluctantly) and am constantly checking for lumps and bumps, and i always seem to find them.
I have a lymph node on the right side of my neck which i have prodded and poked until sore! It's about the size of a pea and i'm constantly worrying about it. I'm an anxious person anyway but reluctant to keep going to the doctor as i feel like a hypochondriac. Please help if poss. This psoriatic arthritis and the drugs i take are ruling my life right now, and even though the tablets do their job very well i am considering stopping treatment (yet again) as the possible side effects are so scary. Sorry for droning on, can't really talk about this without falling to pieces, this site is a God send. Thanks, Alison.


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    Dear Alison,

    Sorry to hear that you are worrying a lot at the moment. We can't advise on questions like this - it would need someone medically qualified to examine you.

    Taking DMARDS does not guarantee side effects - they a potential problem. But the tricky bit is stopping meds often will guarantee the worsening of the arthritis. I wonder if you are exploring some complimentary therapies to help you relax and control any side effects?

    If you want to become more expert in the natural side of your health - do look at Dr Gail Darlinton's book Diet and Arthritis (you can find it cheaply online) - increasing Omega 3 fish oil and increasing the fruit veg side of mediteranian diet is proven to reduce inflammation to a mild degree.

    Perhaps other forum members can share relaxation hints and tips too?

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    Hi Alison,

    One of the symptoms my Dr's were initially able to use to help diagnose my Arthur was the presence of swollen glands and lymph nodes around my body.

    Why don't you go to your doctors and have a chat about what you have found and also discuss your meds at the same time. They are there to help you :)

    A x
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    Thanks yet again for your re-assuring replies :)
    Went to doctor who told me i have a harmless 'gristle' lump in my neck. Anxiety's taking me over yet again due to too much reading on negatives about my treatment, and i should be more positive. Thanks again, Alison.x