will my life be better without the aggrovation of work?

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hi everyone. this is my first post so be patient!

i'm 23 and i've had arthritis in my right foot and ankle since i was 15. in the last 2 years or so it has spread to my left foot (although its not as bad as the right foot) and both my knees.

everyday is a struggle. the first thing i think about as i emerge from sleep is: ''how much pain am i in? will i be able to make it into work?'' don't get me wrong, i don't do a phisical job. i work in a call centre. i'm expected to be happy and converstional with the customers all day despite the pain. sometimes the pains so bad i dread getting up to go to the toilet; 1) because of the fact its such a struggle and 2) because i walk with a pronounced limp when i'm bad, (limp perhaps isn't the right word, maybe lurch is more accurate) people often tend to stare.
i have fixed lunches and breaks which i have to adhere to. if lunch falls at a bad period in the day for me i'll eat my sarnies at my desk.

some days, i phisically can't make it into work. i'm on an action plan now because my attendance isn't good. i'm seriously beginning to think about packing work in altogether because its such a struggle. i'm sure my arthritis wouldn't hurt as much if i wasn't sticking to schedules set my other people and if i could spend my days doing things at my own leisure, in my own time, when I want hopefully life won't be so difficult.

i feel old :cry:


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    Hi there. I think i know exactly how you feel! I have arthritis of the spine. I am still in full time employment but think i would be better giving up work. I do have a physical job where i am on my feet for 8hrs a day and there can be a lot of heavy lifting and bending down involved. My company have been really good and have given me light duties and if i feel the need to sit down i can. I'm begining to find though that i can't seam to cope with it emotionally, everything just seams to take too much effort. I am a supervisor but i have actually asked to step down as i just find it mentally draining. I'm also getting like that at home too though. I just can't seem to be bothered with housework and cooking and stuff. I'm not too sure if it's down to the arthritis or the medication i'm on. I am currently taking diazepam and co-codomol. Life certainly seems a big effort that i just don't have the energy for. Luckily i have a very understanding husband.
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    It doesnt sound like you are enjoying the job at all.As long as you can cope financially a break might do you good.
    I dont work but am lucky the mortgage was paid up in the good old days otherwise I couldnt manage.The nature of arthritis is it can be good or bad at different times,you just never know.I wouldnt like to cope with all that stress.I can take things as easy as I need and not have to explain myself to anyone.
    You have to decide if you can cope without your salary.Good luck
    Luv Tk
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    Have you thought about working part time?

    I had to give up working full time as like yourself i was in pain and exhusted the whole time it just wasn't worth it. Atleat working part time i don't feel like i've completely give in to my arthritis.

    I've been really lucky with my work that they have been very supportive of my condition. I noticed that you metion you were on a warning for you attendence. Does your empolyer know about your condition?

    If they do you should maybe look into disability descrimination act as it offers you some protection if you need time of because of your arthritis.

    Hope this helps.

    Stick in there
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    I am sorry to hear you are in pain and discomfort and things are not going well for you at work because of this. I wonder if you have told anyone in the workplace how it is for you. If you could afford not to work, life would be made easier for you. Do you think if you did not work, you may become a little bored and with more time on your hands, have a lot more time to think about things. At least with work, it is a motivation to get up in the morning. Would be it possible to reduce your hours?

    Look after yourself,

    Elna x
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    get were ur coming from, i dont go to work but im at col doing animal care and im struggling alot. im16 and had rheumatoid arthritis since i was 13 iv got in my wrists, elbow, knees and had it bad in my fingers but thats in regression yay.
    eva get feeling that no one really understands u, or how ur feeling, my ex used to say 'be rate' when eva i said if i was strugging or in pain. at col its like torture lmao. hope every1 is ok, or as ok as they can be. k x
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    Just seen this coud you ask for referral to occupational health who coud make recommendations to help you?