Sulfasalazine and low immune system

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Hi, not sure if you can help but would be very interested to hear your opinion....
I have inflammatory arthritis and have been on Sulfasalazine since April. Since it didnt seem to be helping the dosage has been increased from 4 to 6 per day....along with Arcoxia and pain relief...
I am pleased to say that there has been an improvement , which is great, however since the dose has changed I have been plagued with sore throat, a constant cold and feeling very ' rundown'. Each time I have had my bloods monitored my GP has rang to say that my 'immune system' is down and seems a bit concerned. I suppose I just want to know if my immune system will start to cope with this increase or should i ring my rumy and see if I should cut back...the problem being that my joint pain has improved. My GP is great( im one of the lucky ones!) and says its a bit of a catch 22 situation....


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    Dear Kay,

    Thank you for your enquiry to Helplines. This is one of those situations where the very medical element of this situation is better taken to those who are rheumatology specialists rather than us, as we are lay people.

    With a lay understanding of this kind of thing I'd imagine that your full blood count or white blood levels or somesuch might be down. These results should be going to the rheumatology team, but it's absolutely appropriate to contact the rheumatology specialist nurse and request an appointment to go over what might be recommended.

    It's worth knowing that people with (RA?) are recommended to be flu immunised and pneumonia immunised as a matter of course.

    The bottom line is that there are plenty of treatments for RA so if this drug does turn out to be a problem you need not feel that it's gloomy news.

    What we are definitely around for is to be here to talk to should you just want to talk over what's been said and rehearse any questions you have on your mind.

    Hope we can help further
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    Thanks....I will ring the nurse today and discuss with her....
    Kay x