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Hello everyone - just a quick update on how things are going - I have seen the works (the council) OH who has decided in his wisdom that I will be back to full fitness and be able to return to work in 6-9 months on full duties :shock: (special needs nursery nurse working with adolescents - he doesn't consider redeployment or retirement an option :shock: - consultant, dr, rheum nurse think differently but seemingly it's only his opinion that counts :x ). It will be fun going back to work with 2 sticks and not being able to bend or carry things - and needing to rest more than the young people I work with! :lol::lol:
Anyway - am now on 1/2 pay, sick pay stopped and so has working tax credits - as advised by my work I had to apply for ESA which I have been granted and this morning I had my letter to go to a pathways to work interview as part of the conditions for ESA - as this hour long interview is geared to getting me back to work and getting me help to get a job etc etc how does that work when I am technically an employee with a job that and that my works OH says I will be fit for in 6-9 months.
I suppose I will have to wait and see what happens on the 5th Nov at the interview and hope that they won't try to force me into anything - I'm a bit nervous now as I've been lucky enough never having to sign on before (I've worked for the council for 20 years in Jan) and the thought of going through the job centres doors and getting judged is all a bit scary :? .
Oh well - just another hurdle in the RA experience I suppose.
Hope you are all well and 'arthur' and the weather is treating you kindly.
hugs to all


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    What's happening to you has some similarities to what's going on with me at the moment. I wish you all the very best for 5th November and do hope it goes well for you.
    Do please let us know what happens, I've been following your previous threads and wish you all the best.