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Hi Arthritus sufferers,

Any runners out there. I developed R.A about 3 years ago. Mainly feet and fingers. I run to keep fit. But my feet are pretty sore and sometimes tingle and begin to go numb (especially the right foot. The balls of the feet feel pretty bruised at times. I'm on MTX, declofenac and Hydrochloraquin. I wander if any runners can suggest a 'pain killer' to get me through the 5 hours it will take me to do the 26 miles just in case a bad flare up sets in. I can run with sore feet, but its a distraction and prevents me from focusing on the task in hand.
I lace my trainers very loosely and sometimes run with 2 inner soles in place.
Thanks for reading my topic.


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    Hi Mercury
    I just want to wlecome you to the forums from me :)
    Ouch! I can't imagine running with such sore feet :shock:
    There are people on here who do do quite strenuous excercise to keep fit (I only swim and sometimes a bit of yoga), so they may have some advice for you.
    I will say that I admire you hugely and hope that the others have some ideas to keep you going
    Take care
    Toni x
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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    You are a very brave man or woman!I havent run anywhere for donkeys years.I really dont know how you do it but I have to admire you.
    Take care
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    Hi Mercury

    26 miles with sore feet!!!! I don't think I could walk 26 feet without having to sit down. Before I had my son I used to run 3 miles everyday but knees started to hurt (all those years ago) and now I have full blown arthritis in both knees.

    I hope someone comes up with some suggestions. I could drive you 26 miles!!! :lol::cry::cry:

    Good luck with it.

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    Hello and Welcome it's great to have new people joining in. You are obviously a very determined and inspirational person to be able to even think about doing the marathon with sore feet and I hope you can do it.
    The only think I can think of is to perhaps start taking long acting painkillers/ slow release preperations normally last 8-12 hours. That could help. Good luck.
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    Hi mercury I was a runner until a few years ago, I now have really advanced OA of both patella, partly due to running and a very active industrial work life.
    My advice is get a bike and stop running ASAP, if you are taking pain meds to allow you to do it then your just masking the problem and while you are you will be doing further damage so stop, as I said get a bike and or take up swiming, the bike like swiming is low impact as long as you don't go mad racing up and down hills try and keep on the flat and do more distance riding.
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    Hi Running man! :)

    You are courageous to be running with sore feet but I suppose it is your passion. I can understand that. I do not know of any meds to mask the pain on the day as I have oa but why not ask your rheumy or are you keeping it a secret from that department that you run? :wink::lol: Do you use gel inner soles and have really good comfortable, the best really, running shoes? Do you ever have some reflexology - your feet may like that and it does calm the whole body.

    Best of luck next April,

    Elna x
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    Hello Everyone,
    Today is 19th January 2011 and I'm in the middle of my worst every flare up.

    I have been away for a while, but I want to thank all those who sent me their best wishes and advice back in 2009.
    I finished The London Marathon 2010 in a time of 4hrs 59mins 16secs, so I achieved my aim of under 5 hrs.

    I ran the Nottingham RobinHood Half Marathon 2010 in a time of 2hrs 19mins. My feet were really hurting.

    I havent run since.

    My foot condition has been diagnosed as Mortons Neuroma / RA.

    Ive been fitted with special insoles (made to measure) by the NHS. Not sure if they are working for me.

    Thanks for chatting.

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    Hi Fred, first of all well done for what you achieved, sadly adjustments have to be made in our lives thanks to this bugger of a disease... I hope the insoles help, have you had to stop running altogether now? If so, how is walking for you..?

    Will catch you later, logging off for a bit now...

    Be well

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    Hi Fred
    Congratulations on running the marathon, I know its your passion,but I agree with Mel, you maybe should be looking at another form of exercise...I know I can hear you now shouting at me....the thing is you are doing more damage every time you run, pounding your knees and feet is not good.
    Ask for a referral to a physio or even get an in initial private one, hopefully they will advise you.
    Good Luck with everything
    Barbara x
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    Hi Fred and nice to meet you. :grin:

    I wasn't around when you posted in 2009 and have to say how impressed I am with what you have achieved.

    I wasn't sure from your post whether any form of running is now out of the question?... but guess it might be. Would cycling as mellman said be an alternative that would interest you?

    Bottom line for lots of us is that we need to work out the work/ life/ exercise balance for ourselves.. with the advice of our rheummy or ortho teams.

    I love the 'double entendre' of your forum name! great!

    let us know how you are and post when you can.

    Iris xxx
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    I have been through a similar thing, I gave up running when I was thirty, I used to spray my knees and ankles with deep heat to be able to run, pills were treated as sweets, one day I decided that enough was enough. I found other sports to do, not strenuous weight-bearing ones.

    I don't suppose you'll give up, having got this far but in my experience it doesn't get any easier. You may rest and feel better but the problem is still there.

    8) Its a grin, honest!