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When my OA becomes active it keeps me from getting into REM sleep, so during the day I find I just cant concentrate or think straight and even trying to do things I enjoy doing like cooking becomes a really really hard, today at work I felt so tired and what can only be described as punch drunk, I sat at my desk doing basically nothing, if I tried to concentrate on work it just put me to sleep. Should I ask for sleeping pills form my GP as I have exhausted all other avenues, thing is I don't want another tablet to take but I feel I haven't had a good nights sleep in the last 4 months or so. :?


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    Hi I take amitriptyline in varying doses, it relaxes my muscles and helps with the pain and allows me to get a good nights sleep.

    My dose varys from 10mg - 50mg. So I have control as to my dose, so I don't feel groggy the next day. I don't have to take it every night either.

    It might help you break the cycle.

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    Hi, I understand the problem - until oa I slept with no problems at all, but now I wake up when I need to move, as its painful. I went to the doctor and like Deb, I too have amatriptylne. It really does help with all but the very worst of pain. When I first started it, I was a bit zonked out in the mornings, but it only took a week or 2 for that to settle down.
    Hope you find some help, love Sue
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    Hi,i also take amptripyline,my main dose is 50mg but i still wake but settle again quite quickly.
    if i know i have to be up for an appointment then i only take 20/30mg or i know i want be able to get up or concentrate early next morning.
    its worth asking for & trying for a while,might be just what you need.
    I know how you feel as from tonight im on new drugs to try for the Fibro.
    luv debs

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