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hi all, I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, scoliosis and a ruptured ACL in my right knee late last year. Since then I've have two operations to have my ACL replaced, therapy for depression and physio & counciling at the BRI Pain management clinic and have beed going well but I'm starting to suffer from the AS more than usual and have noticed when I'm in pain for more than 24hr I become irratible, easily annoied and easy to anger which is not who I am and would like some guidance on how to manage this. I've got pain meds and anti inflamitorys to manage the pain but they only take the edge off if but they make me hazy and I have lots of blond moments which I don't like one bit adding to my annoiance of the situation. :|


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    Hi Simon,

    Welcome to the site they are a nice lot here and we all try and help each other as best we can.

    I wonder if you took the pain meds regularly if they would make you less hazey as your body adjusted to them? I know I have some that used to space me out a bit and thankfully they don't do that till the top dose and even that no longer has the real tree swinging in it :wink: It sometimes works that they build up in your system and so you get better pain relief the more you take them.

    I think we all can get a mood change with arthritis. In the early days its a shock and then you resent it and yep anger does come in at times. I am fairly even keeled and so lucky, I also had a terrible temper as a youngster and now am aware of it so don't often do anger as such. I'm probably totally repressed actually. I think I just keep thinking how ever bad I feel its not other peoples fault, but had this come when I was still young I think I would be flying at everyone.

    There is a definite link between mood and pain, and mood and anger but with the right pain relief thats not such an issue I guess. If you try the ones you got and they make you feel fuzzy I wonder could you go back and talk to your gp and have a change of meds? There are so many combinations and maybe you could have one that suited you better?

    As to the senor moments (in my case age is also effecting me :wink::lol: ) well mine aren't so much moments as epics :lol::lol: Sorry I don't mean to make light of it but the pain drugs and that do work as a team but again as you adjust to the meds they stop playing with you so much. Take care and I hope thing will get easier for you soon. Cris
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    Hello! Welcome to the site!!! :)
    It seems that you have a lot of problems to put up with. I have OA in my neck and spine as well as a few other joints. I take pain medicaiton all the time, Tramadol slow release and amatripyline (excuse me awful spelling) I find taking my medication regularlly helps me and the pain Clinic suggested I take slow release tramadol, so the body is getting an even dose of the medication all day and night as the tablets are supposed to last 12 hours each. I didn't know that this was possible until it was suggested by the Pain Consultant and it helps me a lot really. Also, physio therapy may help you, I also use a TENS machine.
    These are the things that work for me, but they may not work for you. We are all different and need different treatments heat also helps me, so a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel is nice, but others prefer something cold or a mixture of hot and cold.
    I hope you find a way of helping yourself feel a bit better, love Sue

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