snap shot of my night..

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just thought i would tell you about my night, firstly i have spent all afternoon cleaning the kitchen and hoovered the hall (arthur has allowed me some pain free time and i am using it to get jobs done)
after trying very hard to make sure my daughter ( now 15 months) doesn't throw yogurt over the now clean kitchen and marching up stairs for her bath, the dog then strolls in from the garden and leave mucky paw prints though kitchen and hall and into the bathroom. :(

my sister then brings back my son (now 4) with a bag of shells from the beach which he then tips upside down onto hall carpet,sand now everywhere.
son now wants to clean shells in kitchen, kitchen now awash with sand and water!
finally i clear up all the mess wondering why i even bothered to clean.

son now has wet clothes from washing shells takes his clothes off and starts dancing around the living room totally naked and demands i join in... firstly i close curtains.. i have been dancing around the living room, (i kept my clothes on rehab before you ask!) finally get kids into bed and tell hubby when he gets home about my day who then decides that he would try and out do my son and starts to strip tease in the living room...curtains still closed thank god! :shock:
thats my life and i love it :lol:


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    Hi Suzie

    That was a lovely snapshot of your life, and I enjoyed reading it. They are happy days when your children are young, and you are obviously making the most of them. Never mind about the mess! A tidy house and children don't, and shouldn't, go together.

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    Oh Suzie, i am having a real bad time at the mo but your story just put a smile on my face :D

    Thank you

    Carol XX