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Hi all, new to this forum.
I have been given the option to have a soft tissue realignment op on my right hand and would like to hear from anyone else who has had this done please. My right hand is badly deformed with the hand and wrist having the classic Z shape, my surgeon said my fingers look as if they my be too far gone to correct. My fingers still have the tendons attatched but in do struggle with everyday tasks and have pain and swelling. The thing i'm worried about is having an operation and the potential complications and also the success rate of this procedure.
Any advice big or small welcome.
Thank you


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    Sorry I can't help but just wanted to say welcome to the board Nick, glad you found us. Hopefully someone will be along soon to help with what it's actually like to have this kind of surgery from a patients perspective and It might be a good idea to discuss the proposed surgery with your GP who might be able to explain the mechanical side of things better, i.e. proposed benifits, potential problems etc...
    Do let us know how you do, hope to see you around here again.
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    Hi Nick

    Welcome to the forum. I am sorry but I am unable to help you with your questions. Hopefully someone on here knows about this operation.

    Best wishes,
    Elna x

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