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This morning i got upset/angry, for maybe the millionth time, i was just so irritated that when people see me they see a 6 foot something male, with a large physique, so when i tell people that i'm hurting they assume i'm making excuses and today at work a manager took pity and sent someone to help me with my work, and i felt so useless, and things like this happen all the time

which is why i joined this site, i hope to make a few new friends, who actually know how i feel!!!

so i'll introduce myself

*i'm jonathan (jon, or jonny)
*23 years old
*i have seronegative arthritis, it's a pain... :roll:
*i love music, film, and sleeping, because it's a must in my condition

so if anybody wants to chat i like meeting new people so don't be a stranger



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    Sorry not that young but you looked so lonely I had to answer :) You can always join us on the living with or chit chat. Welcome to the forum anyway.

    Vonski x
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    Hi Jonathan

    Why not call in and join us on the LWA or the ChitChat zone. Loads of mad peeps on the latter. Call in at the cafe, bar or the cruise ........

    There is no need to feel useless, because you are not.

    Chin up, hope you have a good weekend and find the time for some sleep too. :wink:

    Elna x
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    Hi Jonathan,


    I've just joined here too. My experience here, so far, has been very positive - everyone here is simply lovely. I'm 21 years old and I feel your pain too; invisible illnesses are hard to deal with. Don't ya sometimes wish you could have a big sign on your head so people can't miss it?!

    I'm not sure if I you can send private messages on here but feel free to contact me if you fancy a chat.

    Take care, keep going!