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What an experience today

jaspercatjaspercat Posts: 1,238
edited 29. Oct 2009, 04:41 in Say Hello Archive
Hi, I went out with Malcolm today into town, I hired a wheelchair from Shopmobility, all was going well, for once people were very considerate about me being in a chair, and then we went into a major pharmacy chain beginning with B, what a mistake!!

If I wasn't being bumped into and reached past, I was being totally ignored, it was like I had disappeared, perhaps I have!! love Jaspercatxx


  • suzstersuzster Posts: 1,328
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    i know what you mean, some people are blind to the obvious!
    last week i took sarah into town, after lunch we needed to find somewhere to change her nappy, but i though it woiuld be good for her to walk, holding my hand just to stretch her legs.
    well, what a mistake! she is 2 so not tall, but she was walking holding my hand whilst i pushed the pushchair and i cannot believe how many people nearly knocked her on the head with shopping bags, i mean, people just walk and never look, i'm sure of it!
    she loved walking but oh my how many times i had to quickly stear her away from people, it was awful!
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