How long does the pain last

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Hi, can anyone tell me how long they have had RA and how they cope with pain, esp interested if you have just been diagnosed like me only in Sept and what kind of pain you are living with on a daily basis, is this normal, how long can i expect this to last?


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    Hi, welcome to the site. I was diagnosed with RA in March, I also have lupus and OA. When I am flaring I get pain, and I have learn't to ask the docs for meds to help with this. I have a good supply now!! :D Once your are on a DMARD such as MTX or another like it, you should experience better disease control which means shorter and fewer flares. That is the goal of treatment. It does take a while to achieve this though.

    They can give you a steroid jab or short course of oral steroids in the meantime to help you through.

    What meds are you on? I would learn as much as I could about RA and the treatments. Knowledge is power!!
    I wish you well

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    pammi69 wrote:
    Hi, can anyone tell me how long they have had RA and how they cope with pain, esp interested if you have just been diagnosed like me only in Sept and what kind of pain you are living with on a daily basis, is this normal, how long can i expect this to last?

    Hi there

    And welcome! Although I am sorry you need us.

    Pain Management is a huge deal when you have RA. And it does take time to find out what works for you. I was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago and I still feel like I am battling to manage it. Deb is right. It is vital to build a good relationship with both a regular GP and your Rheumy - nurse or consultant - to help with this. The drug regimes can be complex and they do need expert management.

    The drugs are in two groups really - those that manage the diseease such as Methotrexate and Lefludomoide as well as all the Anti TNFs. Initially you are likely to be on Methotrexate(MTX). This comes in tablet or injection form. As this is the cheapest of the drugs you will probably find your Rheumy will experiment a bit with that first. MTX is not an overnight fix and it does take time to kick in. But keep talking to them. Your blood tests will tell them a lot but telling them how you are really feeling is also invaluable in assessing the progress of the disease

    As to pain control that is more tricky. For me my GP manages that and at the minute I am fighting her off giving me Tramadol If I am not too bad I often find a mixture of Paracetomol and Ibuprofen give me quite a lot of relief. But do discuss this with your GP.

    There are other things you can do. Plenty of rest is key! You will find lots of us here saying that we have had a really good day and done too much and now regret it. I have a method for this - a husband yelling YOU ARE DOING TOO MUCH! Works everytime for me!

    I have also found Wheatbags to be a great help. There are lots available on the net. I got mine from a lovely lady in West Sussex. They are 3 squares joined together and so that stops all the wheat ending up in one end. The idea is that you use them for hot and cold application. So I keep mine (I have 2!) in the freezer and use the cold first. Then when one warms up I put it in the Microwave and apply heat and repeat the process. It may be psychosomatic but they work for me! Mine have lavender in them and are made from very soft velvet which is very comforting.

    If you would like more information on those please drop me a private message and I will let you have the details.

    I hope all this helps. Lots of luck and remember we are all here to support each other,

    Chat soon


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    Hi, I'm glad you've found this forum, as it is a very friendly place with lots of people who have similar problems to you. You should be able to pick up lots of information or find out how to get it. :)

    I only popped in to say WELCOME! I don't have RA, I have OA.

    Love Sue
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    Hi Pam,I was diagnosed with OA at the beginning of the year and then a couple of months later I was also diagnosed with RA. :( I have had a few very bad flare ups and the last one I had, my GP put me on a course of steroids which took away the pain almost overnight.I was only on steroids for a few weeks and was weaned off them gradually.I now take Hydroychloroquine and so far they seem to be working for me.I don't know what meds you take but pain can be treated successfully once you find the right meds.It may be worth you asking your GP about steroids and hopefully they will work for you.Take care,Breane. :)
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    Hi Pammi,

    It's hard to answer your question specifically as we're all different and you will learn, with experience, what's best for you.

    I've had RA years and would say that it's best to live your life on a day to day basis. Learn to listen to your body. If you an event coming up increase any daily painkillers you take, without exceeding the maximum dose, to build them up so that you can enjoy whatever you're planning to do.

    Take control of your RA with the help of your Rheumy, GP, meds, a mixture of exercise and rest and try not to let arthur rule your life.

    Hope this helps.

    Luv Legs :)
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    Hi Legs and everyone else, thanks for the advise. I am currently on 75 mg of diclofenac, 10 m prednisolone, 1 omprezale and 4 (500mg) each sulfasalasine. the reason i am on this and not methotraxate is because i want to go for another ivf cycle, ,this is how i got ra in the first place from a failed ivf cycle. My pain has been daily for the past 3 months and what concerns me is that is it EVERYSINGLE DAY. This is why i ask how long can it last, i started getting a pain in my hand in May and it was until sept that ra was confrimed. I have only started sufasalazine in oct so only 1 month, i suppose i am looking for instant results but i am not getting any.
    anyone on the same as me but coping better than me?
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    Hi Pam,
    I was diagnosed 11years ago and the best advice I can offer is to take control of your treatment. The doc's don't always have the right answers and sometime you have to push a bit to get them to think outside the box. You have the right to say thanks but no thanks.

    With regard to pain meds I have a selection ranging from paracetamol to morphine and I'm able to mix and match depending on how much pain I'm in. I also use tens machine and ice and heat.

    The most important thing is positive mental attitude! You can feel an awful lot worse if you are feeling down (I know its sometimes you can't help it) but even on a crappy day I set myself a goal (even a diddy one) then feel pleased with myself when I've done it.

    Its not always easy but on bad days I can come on here and get some support.
    Keep smiling!