ESA Fail

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Well. I thought id try posting again.

Dad hasn't passed the medical for ESA. Expecting paperwork in the mail. This means his benefits will stop apparently....erm....when did they start? We havent seen a penny.

The woman on the end of the phone told dad she was putting an appeal form in the post and he asked what would happen if he didnt want to appeal. She said everyone normally does it, but he was adamant. She wouldn't take no for an answer and the form is in the post. So basically, we were pennyless, we are pennyless and we will be pennyless. Fab

We have decided to take matters into our own hands and maybe try and get him a forgiving job for the bad days, maybe security or factory worker but he hasnt got a car at the mo so thats restricted. May have to hire him a car or something if its essential.

So the next bit made me laugh. Lets phone the jobcentre now and ask for help with finding a job he may be able to do, ya know use the computers and advice....cos surely being a job centre that is all available.....we can't make an appointment for help until we are applying for job seekers allowance!!!!

Are these so called help centres sponsered to get people to fill out as much paperwork as possible? Is it an inside sweepstake on who strings someone along for the longest because I seriously have no faith in this system now whatsoever. At least ive found out now so I can hopefully save for my later years!....oh wait, i can't save cos im on a low wage income and caring for my father!

Grrrrr. I seriously dont know who to turn to now and theres so much other stuff going on I dont know where to consider starting.

Hope you are all having a better time with it than I am.



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    Sorry you and your Dad are having such a frustrating time! Sometimes it seems like every time you try to sort things out, they throw another obstacle in your path.
    I hope that you are able to get some help and get things sorted soon. Have you tried CAB?
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    do have a think about appealing.

    I know this is a horrid thing to have to say, but it seems that many people who deserve help are refused first time, but some get it on appeal .... so it is worth trying if you can face the form filling.

    the helplines people may be able to talk you through how to phrase things .... or the CAB seem to be fairly successful at appealing for people.

    good luck!
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    Thanks guys for your comments. I just read on someone elses about the CAB helping and being successful.

    I turned to my sister for help as their are other issues too. (didnt want to cos she ended up in hospital last night with her pregnancy) but she did some phoning up and got through to a nice guy who said on his system it didnt say he'd failed medical. I dont think they know their a**e from their elbow sometimes.

    But now we're back to the not knowing haha.

    Ah well. Will still do our plan that doesnt rely on the government but we seriously need help and if they can't see that then its messed up.

    My partner is just getting restless with the situation and I need to sort my dad some work, a car and a house asap before I drop a ball and it all falls apart.

    Thanks for all your concern guys, missed you all xxx
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    What a stupid system we have, totally unbelievable :roll: Hope you aren't to stressed out over this. Have another talk to your dad about appealing, it can't hurt. Don't know if there is a DIAL close to you but they are very good.

    Vonski x
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    Hi Shelley,

    I, too, think your Dad should appeal, afterall what have you all got to lose? If he appeals and is sucessful then you have everything to gain.

    It's such a shame as there are people who get benefits by trickery and fraud and others, like your Dad, who deserve it and are turned down - it doesn't make sense to me.

    Encourage him to appeal, if you can.

    Luv Legs :)
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    Sorry to hear about your dad being turned down for ESA. They seem to be turning down lots of people lately.

    I hope your father finds the strength to appeal.

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    I agree, the system is a total nightmare. Since i've been off sick from work since Feb its been form filling, phone calls and appointments ever since. I had my ESA medical two weeks ago and haven't heard anything since. However, iv'e been sent an appointment from the job centre for help getting a job....IV'E ALREADY GOT A JOB... but I can't work due to severe RA.
    Hang in there and claim what you're entitled to.... as someone once said to me .... it's only a little bit compensation for what you are going through,
    good luck and don't let the system grind you down.
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    the system is truely awful I agree and am sorry to hear of your difficulties. Everything has been said already and I agree that when you can appeal it's a good idea to do so. I know how difficult it all is and how frustrating and daunting. Best advice is certainly to get help filling in the form and help from the Rheumatology nurse/ GP/CAB/ DIAL anyone professional who can help as there are limits as to when you can reapply as far as I know so you want to really make them sit up and listen.
    very best of luck
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    I got turned down last week based on the medical - i don't think they read my form. But was told that if I appealed the decision would more than likely be overturned. How silly! If they did their job properly in the first place it would have to go to appeals!

    I'm off to discuss crap system with MP tomorrow.

    Keep jumping through those hoops!