Has anyone ever played football?

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I was watching an old b/w film on tv earlier called The Arsenal stadium mystery. It brought back a few memories of when I was younger.
In them days we had casey footballs that we had to inflate and lace up.
If they got wet and heavy you could be knocked out when you headed the ball.
Anyone remember the old caseys?


  • trisher
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    I remember my Dad having one. He used to take out would it be the inner tube?

    He would pump that up, then put it back inside and lace it up.

    As far as I can remember it was made of leather. If he threw it and I caught it, it was heavy.

    Is that what you are thinking off?

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    Yep, that's the one Trisher, by gumdrops they were heavy too.
    Football players have it made these days.
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    yers I doo Iwast struckked in deer farce wiv oner bark in 1968 und I carnt squeak start noo.
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    rehab44 wrote:
    Not forgetting the scars to the forehead from the laces :D

    Oh dear yes, we were much harder players in them days.
  • kathbee
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    Have not played football myself Ron :wink:

    but my brother was a professional rugby
    player, league not union and I remember
    going to watch the matches when I was
    about 12 years old, wow, thats a very
    very long time ago, in fact over 50 yrs ago now. :!:

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    When you played in the rain then it picked up mud and was like kicking/heading a solid round brick.
    You couldn't do this f010.gif

    Joseph 8)

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