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Hi all well my son had his appointment at the hospital regarding his foot and the surgeon wants him to attend the gate lab first thats were they take pictures of him walking then they can plan his surgery . after xmas he is getting aletter to attend the childrens ward for his operation he mentioned the Jones procedure ( saw this on the web site not nice so delted it , dont want mike to see it )

the surgeon said once this op is done then mike should have no more problems with his foot , I am so glad for him , he can run, play football , the world is his oyster. we are over the moon for him

Mike R & Hazel & Mike JR


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    Hi Mike Hazel and Mike jr.
    I'm so pleased for you both and i expect mike jr is looking forward to all he will be able to do.
    good luck at last. joan xx
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    Hi Mike

    That's great news about Mike Jnr being able to do all that after the op :) You did the right thing getting rid of the info about it though, I know how worried he is about having the op. He'll just have to start thinking about all the things he'll be able to do that he can't manage now :)

    How are you and Hazel?

    Vonski x
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    :D:D He cant wait until its all over , he will be in Hospital for four days ( same as last time) he will be in the childrens ward ( so they will have playstations there) the last time I gave a brand new game to a boy that had no vistors as his mum lived to far away , near the border of Northern Ireland , he loved to play playstation but had no games , it was sad to see the other children with arthritis walking up and down in there walking frames there so young. :(:(

    my appeal to the social commissoners appeal is on Tuesday I cant wait they are looking for points of law .

    Mike R & Hazel & Mike JR
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    Lots of good luck for Tuesday Mike, let us
    know how you get along

    and hope all goes well for Mike Jnr too.

    Love Kath x
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    Good news Mike - it'll seem a while to wait for him but it'll be worth it in the end. :D:D:D:D:D

    Luv Legs :D
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    Hi Mike
    good luck for tuesday to you
    am pleased to hear that mike js op will allow him to do so much afterwards, all the very best to him :D
    take care
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    Hi Mike
    have been away so only just saw your thread.
    Good news about Mike Jnrs apt. I really hope it works out for him - as you say the world will be his oyster then.
    Sad about that little boy whose parents couldn't visit. That is really sad I expect the game helped a lot though :)
    Very best of luck with the appeal tomorrow(?)
    I will be thinking of you and hope all goes well :)
    Take care
    all of you
    toni x

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