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Hi everyone

I have been on Methotrexate for about 18 months and Sulphasalazine was added in April this year as my symptoms hadnt improved. I have found that things settled down for a couple of months firstly on Methotrexate then again when i was a few months in on Sulphasalazine.

For the last 6 weeks or so my RA has returned just as bad as it was at the beginning. Some mornings i can hardly walk and i am in constant pain.

Has anyone else experienced this? did you have to try different medications. I am really fed up with it all.

Thanks for listening.

Mungle x


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    I'm sorry you are having problems with your meds. I went through the same thing with mtx and steroid injections. I find that things improve for a while and slowly the dose increases or the frequency of treatment increases. I don't think that one treatment is usually enough but finding the right combination is trial and error. I found that lodine (24hr slow release anti-inflam) was my godsend and then I was taken off it because it made another condition worse. I think that lodine was however MY drug for arthur if you see what I mean. I'm now back in the trial and error phase again. If you are having problems speak to your rheumy about it and keep searching for YOUR drug. You might find that you need a stronger dose or supplemental painkillers to get you through the colder months. I do and I'm sure that others are the same.
    I hope you are feeling better real soon. ((()))
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    Hi Mungle, I think most people with RA have this problem, it is all touch and go with DMARDS, I tried 4 before I ended up on MXT, I know it is very frustrating and painful for you, but they have to find the right drug for you, hoping you soon feel better love Jaspercatxx
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    Yes I have had my R.A return whilst on Methotrexate which is why they put me on Humira as well.This seems to work well,
    Regards Elizabeth
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    Hello Mungle.

    I don't believe that I shall ever be free of flare ups. As soon as you think you have found the right balance of medication, something else happens. It would be a godsend if we were all the same, but we're not so it is hard to say that this or that will happen. It seems that every consultant, doctors have different ideas as to how they are going to treat you. In most cases it depends at what stage your treatment began. I think, in my case, it was quite late, and also what other underlying medical issues you have, e.g. I suffer from asthma and high blood pressure, so I can't have some of the medication other arthritic sufferers are able to have. All I can say is, be patient, make sure you get plenty of rest and, if you are at work still, get your employers to organise a work place assessment through Access to work (Job Centre) It is your right.
    The short answer is "We're all different". Good luck

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