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I have got RA and am on Sulphalazine. I have noticed for the last month or so that it seems to be attacking the left hand side of my jaw. Often it is the "keep me awake" variety of pain.

I have had myself checked by the dentist.

Has anyone else experienced this location for pain?

I probably should not be surprised, I have had it in almost every other joint, so why not the jaw.




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    In recent months my right jaw has become affected as well. My nurse said, like you have, that it's another joint so its fair game for arthur.

    I agree that it's not a great place for pain as it can stop me sleeping as well. For ages I thought I was grinding my teeth but my dentist has never found any evidence of this. Only recently did it occur to me that it could be arthur. The only thing that I've found that helps is a warm compress before bed. It seems to relax my face and help with the pain. Also I only seem to notice it when I have a lot of tension in my face from stress so maybe if you get benefit from relaxation methods that might help. I find them difficult with a toddler that doesn't sleep!!
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    Hi Theresa, I get jaw pain every so often, I think it is the worst pain ever, I am unable to eat when I get it, my Rheumy says RA can affect any joint that moves, so anywhere is possible I guess love Jaspercatxx
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    yes i too get jaw pain, have to eat soft food when its bad have had it about 5 months but sometimes it just aches a little some days it hurts.
    i went to dentist too when i first got it but nothing wrong with teeth, i thought i had an abscess but no, its arthur.
    i hope it goes soon for you
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    Thanks for the responses - they reassure me. I am under quite a lot of stress at the moment. A working environment that is displaying no understanding of the nasty nature of RA isn't helping.

    Many Thanks,

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    Hi Teresa. I can't help you since i have OA in my spine and i'm rather new to all this but i can send you some flowers to cheer you up 060.gif

    Luv Carol XX
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    Hi,i was told i had OA in my jaw.
    when i saw the consultant at the pain clinic she told me all the jaw pain,ear ache & migraines were caused by my neck.( cervical spondylosis)I have had 2 of my meds changed & there really helping with the pain.I still get the ear ache but its mainly when i lay in bed at night that it affects me.
    my jaw also clicks as if its popped out of place & thats not nice at all.
    I hope you get some relief from it as its not a nice pain at all.
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    Yes, I have had quite bad jaw ache. 2 years ago, I had two absesses (separate times), after antibiotics went away. About 6 mths later I started suffering again on the left side of my face, so off I go to the dentist. I was in a lot of pain. He said there was nothing there. told me to see my consultant.
    It was arthritis and also now, the left hand side of head if affected(rather like neuralgia) My forehead starts feeling lumpy and tingly too and I keep expecting a shingles rash to show, but it doesn't. Very strange.
    Unfortunately, all these symptoms disappear when the time comes round to see my consultant. Now why is that?

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    Hi Theresa, like you say if RA can attack all your other joints, why not the jaw. I got my first shooting pain in my right jaw yesterday while trying to munch my way through a chocolate.
    It was horrible i practically had to stop chewing for about 20 seconds before i could move it without any pain.
    If this is the first pain in my jaw, im dreading the rest.
    take care
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    I'm 27 and was diagnosed with arthritis when I was 11. I've had problems with my jaw pretty much from the start. When I was younger I had physio on it, but other than that I don't think there is any other treatment.

    It only occasionally flares up and then I find stuff like bread and meat difficult to eat. On a daily basis I can't eat crusty bread or things like steak which I don't really like anyway. I have to cut apples up as I cannot bite into them anymore and as Pammi had said chocolate is a bit of a pain (My Mum and Dad have a habit of putting it in the fridge which makes it worse, I think they might do it on purpose!)

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    Bumped up for you!
    Toni x