Post hip surgery leg length discrepancy

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Hello there!
I had my right hip replaced 2 weeks ago & the surgeon told me he had to lengthen my operated leg to get the ligaments to fit. There is quite a difference in them now so it is making my recovery really difficult. The surgeon said to wait the three months without getting a shoe lift & the physio is aware of this although she wanted to refer me for one.
I am really scared my legs will be permanently lop-sided and wondered if you have any advice for me on this?
Thank you for your attention


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    Hello Pennie

    Some people do have a difference in their leg length after hip replacement but it is only 2 weeks since you had your operation so it is probably too early to say how much you will be affected in the long term.
    I can understand your worries but your physiotherapist will be your best source of help and support during this time - follow her advice.

    Best wishes

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    Hello Val
    Thank you so much for your speedy reply. You guys really are amazing, you know ,I am so glad I found this charity and will donate more as thanks.
    The physio team were really lovely & helpful in the hospital & I will be attending a group for people with replacements at the end of the month. I will, on your advice take all their advice - I have been continuing the exercises & the physio suggested I keep one trainer on good foot & the longer one without to make them easier.
    Something I wish the consultant had done was to explain this risk in more detail at the appointments before the op instead of just cursorily mentioning them before I signed the consent form on day of the op.
    Thank you once again