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Hi everyone, just been on the LWA forum, and it was suggested I post on here. I am a self employed childminder, I care for 2 babies aged 18mth and 15mth, one for 2 days 8-6 in the childs home, with the other little one coming there. Then the other days 7.30-4.30 in my home with the little girl. My problem is that I now find it hard to get them out every day,but this is part of the job. The parents know I have arthritis, I havent given all the details of RA, so they dont know all the facts. The reason I havent said anything is because I dont want to lose my job.
I had the week off this week, which was lovely, but no pay, so found it hard financially.
As I am self employed, is there any help or advice I can get.
The parents always ask where we have been, groups etc. and sometimes its just too much to walk with the double buggy, so we just go for a short walk etc. It makes me feel guilty, as I know its my job to take them out and about.
My gp says I need to cut back, but the rheumy dont say anything, in fact, they are not much help at all, the MXT doesnt work, but they say I have to give it time. My next appt is Jan22 from Sep 4, the gp is trying to get an earlier one, as pain in feet legs and hands is permanant.
Sorry to go on!!! Jay :)


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    Hi Jay sorry to hear your having a few problems, the only thing I could say is have you been to citizens advice?, other than that there is a charity called the advice centre,I went to them in Wantage Oxfordshire they are very good I don't know if they have an office where you are but maybe it's worth having a look on the web for them.
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    Hi melllman, Thanks, will look into it