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sneeze, gurgle, gasp, wheeze, achoooooo!
Sorry folks - achooooo! - I'm off - sniff - to languish in bed gracefully while sipping my hot lemon and ginger (whisky? wheeze -) whatever, sniff - blow - oh s*d it!

See you whenever
Hopes you are all OK


  • chris7
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    There you are Annie, we were wondering if you were ok.

    Thanks for popping in even with your poorly cold. Snuggle up in bed.
    Hope you soon feeling better.
  • trisher
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    Hi Annie,

    You've caught that bug that everyone is getting on here.

    You take it easy, rest us, look after yourself

    ((((((((hugs here's some more tissues)))))))))

    Hope your better soon

    love trish xx
  • ninakang
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    Hope you feel better soon. See you back on here

  • jaspercat
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    Hi Annie,

    Wishing you a speedy recovery love Jaspercatxx
  • Wonkylegs
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    oh Annie .... what can I say :? I am so sorry to have shared my bugs with you :oops: :oops:


    here ... have some tonic to perk you up


    & I hope you soon feel much better.

    PS - Olbas oil inhallation helped me. Might be worth a try.
  • minky67
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    Annie & Wonky.hope you both feel better soon.
    weve got the bug going round this house too.
    my daughters been here all wk has a cold,stepsons full of cold,OH is going down with it so im last in the queue :roll:
    its just the time of yr for it all.
  • joanlawson
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    Hi Annie

    Sorry to hear you are unwell, but what did you expect after all that time fumbling with the captain in that lifeboat :?: :?: :lol:

  • livinglegend
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    Bless you!

    Today p010.gif Tomorrow a010.gif

    Joseph 8)

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