Dairy Products

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I find that a dairy free diet has kept my "Sinus and Chest Infections" down to a minimum. I may be wrong but did you run an article in the magazine about dairy products.

I use to get horrendous bouts of Bronchitis, asthma attacks and other chest infections. If I do get any infections, then a single course of antibiotics does the trick where before I use to be on two or three courses of them.

In a situation where our immune systems are under strain, this can only be a good thing surely. I would be interested on what your views are.



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    I don't think our magazine has done an article on dairy products as, generally speaking, they are not related to arthritis.

    However many people with chest and sinus problems find cutting down on dairy products reduces mucous & phlegm.

    When you are living with one or more long term medical conditions it helps to be as healthy as you can be so anything that reduces infections and the need for antibiotics can only be good.

    Best wishes