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Hi all,

Im 24 and have RA for the last year my medz are not under control, i had to leave university, i crnt drive because of pain. I have been refered to a physio for more help! Ive been told i crnt go bk to work ... but i am bored! At the moment the RA is still spreading. My RA nurse ticked unable to work on the physio form. But my problem is im so bored but then i need so much help ..

i want to work to give some meaning bk to my life but i dont no if i can?

Anyone give me advise?


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    Hi there,

    I completely understand what you mean!

    I resigned from work in July from a job I loved because it was all becoming to difficult and my health was going down hill fast. Since then I have been concentrating on sorting myself out and I am starting to get a bit bored. I have a variety of interests but nothing seems to be as interesting as my old job and I am wondering what I am going to do with myself.

    I should consider myself lucky I know but I don't feel like I am contributing anymore and it's hard. I also miss working with my colleagues and mixing with lots of people every day.

    I also have 'career envy' as my husband has just got a promotion and is really happy with his job.

    If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear of them. The only thing I have come up with so far has been to volunteer for a charity down the road on a very flexible basis.

    Any other ideas??

    A x

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