Just A Couple Of Queries

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Hi all,

just a couple of quick questions, firstly, do you know if it's o.k to drink green tea whilst on mtx?
And regarding fish oils, do you know how much to take daily for maximum benefit? Thanks in advance, Alison.x


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    Hi Alison
    I've checked our textbook here and there is no mention of a connection between green tea and methotrexate or any other DMARD.
    However green tea does contain large amounts of caffeine which can increase the effects of some anti depressants and theophylline ( a drug given to help breathing).
    Caffeine can also cause nervousness, sleeplessness and stomach upsets.
    There is no specific dose of fish oil for people with OA but the general recommendation is 1G a day.
    However for people with RA there is a fairly new theory that taking a larger amount e.g. 3.5G a day can be helpful at reducing inflammation - see page 38 on the following link
    As always, you should check with your rheumy department before taking a new supplement/herbal remedy etc.
    Best wishes
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    Thank you Val,

    that was very helpful.x