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Dear Group,

I've just joined this group in the hope someone is able to advise me.

I had unsuccessful arthroscopic debridement of my right hip in August this year. The impingement wasn't addressed at surgery due to severe synovitis and subsequent swelling of the joint. I had an intra-articular steroid injection inserted at time of surgery in order to relieve the inflammation and another one at five weeks post-op as once again I was in severe pain.

The Consultant concluded that my hip at arthroscopy is in poor shape overall and he's not surprised that it is still causing me pain, but after trying to adopt a 'wait and see' policy for the past couple of months, he has now decided to do an open procedure in order to rectify my ongoing symptoms and surgery will be performed in 10-12 weeks. Apparently femoroacetabular hip impingement is a pre-curser to osteoarthritis if left untreated.

I'm only in my early forties and my Consultant assures me that I do not require either re-surfacing or hip replacement as yet as the femur is in good condition still.

I'm not too sure what this 'open procedure' will involve, but I know that I had an osseous bump deformity of femoral neck which was highlighted during MRI as well as a small cyst. I have severe synovitis and femoral-acetabular impingement, but apparantly no arthritis or effusion.

Can anyone give me some idea as to what I can expect in terms of rehabillitation, post-op recovery and mobilising etc following what I believe is a major operation.

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    Dear Cheekychops

    Unfortunately it is difficult to give you a clear idea of what to expect in terms of rehabilitation and recovery as it is more medical than our expertise allows. If you are having another appointment with your surgeon or during your pre-op appointment this would be a good time to ask these questions directly to them. Like you we do not know what your surgeon intends to do during this procedure. Sorry can't give you more details. Perhaps NHS Direct may be able to give you some more guidance and their number is 0845 4647.

    Best wishes