advanced arthritic hip it's a right pain!

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hello, I have always had a stiff right hip as long as i can remember and it was always clicky,and had restricted movement but did not suffer much pain until just over a yearr ago.
I previously lived in Gt Yarmouth and my then Doctor sent me for a xray which came back as showing advanced arthritid of the rightThe doctor told me it was like a hip of a person in their late seventies.
However we had sold our house to be nearer our family and we have now moved.
Went to see the new doctor because the pain was getting worse and keeping me awake at night as i can't get comfortable.I now have some pain on the left side .To add to all this i had a bad fall a few months ago and i have done some damage to my knees ihave pain in the back of my right knee and can't bend them properly without being in pain.I was hoping my new doctor could give me some thing to ease the pain, he just gave me paracetamol, well that ok for a headache but doesn't touch this! So he wasn't much help .I have gone from being quite active to being unable to get around very far its very frustratingand the fatigue is awful i don't know how people cope with it i've only had it a little while and its driving me nuts. i feel better now i have had a moan!!


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    We 'do' listening to moans very well.............

    You're in an exclusive 'club' here......

    Rob x
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    hi Diane
    Welcome to the forum.
    You need to get back to your G.P and tell him the paracetemol isnt helping.
    Any questions please post on one of the other forums.Hope we can help you.
    Take care
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    Hi Diane

    A big welcome from me! I agree with the others, about going back to see a gp but if you got the distinct impresion that this one was not interested :roll: :shock: then perhaps it may be a good idea to ask at reception which doctor knows something about arthritis and go see them. Some docs specialise in certain ailments because they have an interest in it, I presume.

    I wish you well and look forward to hearing more from you on the other forums.

    Look after yourself,

    Elna x

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