Hi people.

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I am new to this so be kind people. I am 20yrs old and i came across this while having a nosy around. I have been a psoriatic arthritis sufferer since the age of 11 and i thought it would be nice to speak to people around my own age with simaler "conditions". :)


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    Hi Kitty :D

    Welcome to the forum. I see you have been on the chitchat zone and met lots of mad peeps. :roll: :lol::lol::lol::D Sometimes the young people's zone is a little quiet but hopefully you will get some postings from peeps more your own age. I am an oldie at 58 and you make my daughter of 30 and son of 28 seem old, but they aren't, if you know what I mean!

    Take care and I hope you keep in touch,

    Elna x
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    Howdy kittykat! :)

    I'm 22 and suffer from psoriatic arthritis (in the left knee, possibly right knee and elbows now too :roll: ) as well as other issues.

    Hope you're well! :)
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    Hello and welcome.
    I'm around your age, I'm 21 and I've just been diagnosed with arthritis. If you ever want a chat, feel free to send me a message any time. :)
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    I too have recently been diagnosed with arthritus. I am 22 years old x

    Struggling to understand it all really, as thought it was more for older people.

    Have had some blood tests today, so will know more once my results are back in.

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    Hi Kitty,

    I'm 28 and was diagnosed with JIA when I was 11 too.

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    wallysatt wrote:
    Hi Kitty,

    I'm 28 and was diagnosed with JIA when I was 11 too.


    hiya i am 26 and have had rhomitoid arthritis (r.a) for nearly 4 years now got it wen was bout 22 none of my family have it apart from the grandperants but that more to do with age

    so i was the unlucky 1 :lol: anyway hope u are coping well and had a good xmas and a better new year

    hope ive posted it rite :lol: here from u soon

    luv em xx
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    Hi Emily,

    Yep you’ve posted right.

    Hope you have a Happy New Year too. I’m off on holiday in a couple of weeks so I’m looking forward to that. I like to have something to look forward to in January.

    Quite a few people in my family have arthritis, for some of them it was to do with age but others have RA and one of them is my Mum so although it's not proven to be in the genes there could be something in it.

    Hope you are feeling well and are having a nice weekend.