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Hello everyone, I'm Laura. I used to use this about two years ago or so when I was first diagnosed with R.A. I was diagnosed when I was 20 and I'm nearly 23 now (well I will be in January :D )

I recently came back to this site as I've been writing an article based on my experiences with R.A. and I remember when I came across this site and I though; "Wow eventually, a place where I can express how I feel and there is a huge chance that I'd be understood... and it's nice to have a place where one can have a wee moan about things :wink: " I sometimes forget that people without a chronic illness have no idea, unless they have experienced it, how it really affects a person.

I've also just remembered how bad arthritis can be sometimes. I'm taking methotrexate 20mg, sulfasalazine 2g and an injection of Humira every fortnight but there has been talks about changing my medication and having another all over steroid injection as my elbow has been getting a little worse and I still can't walk far without feeling that awful pain in my knees and ankles. The cold weather is bringing problems too aswell as memories of the pain that is less active in the warmer months

So yeah, I think I'll stay here for the duration of the winter, it's a lot warmer :D



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    Hi Laura

    I remember you, - welcome back. Please do return to hibernate with us during the winter, but please stay longer should you wish :lol::lol::lol: Stay as long as you like!

    Take care,

    Elna x
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    i take it from your name you have a few piercings?
    sadly i had to take one of mine out thanks to arthur(itis), he truly winds me up!
    sorry to hear you're having some problems, i hope things improve soon for you

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